A Lasting Legacy

Cadle Bill - ca 1941 452 Cadle Pilot trng - 1941 455

Cadle Pilot trng - 1941 453 Cadle Pilot Trng - 1941 450

May 26, 2013

In honor of Memorial Day in the U.S., I salute my great uncle, Bill Cadle. He was killed in a training accident in 1943 as an Air Force instructor pilot during World War II. Few people realize that more than 15,000 aviators were killed in training accidents during WW II. The Army Air Corps lost approximately 7,100 aircraft in training accidents from 1941 to 1945 versus 4,500 aircraft lost in combat in the Pacific theater. The art and science of aviation were very young during WW II and the cost of improving aviation knowledge was dear.

Although I never knew my great uncle, as an Air Force pilot I benefited from the lessons forged in blood by him and others during WW II and subsequent years. The “Greatest Generation” displayed a sense of courage, service, and sacrifice that changed the course of history. This Memorial Day I salute the lasting legacy of Bill Cadle and thousands like him that sacrificed all for future generations.

Note: The pictures posted here are family heirlooms that have been handed down to me from my grandparents.