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Michael Weeks, Ph.D.

Where to start?  The beginning I think…  Atlanta is my hometown, but I haven’t lived there for many years.  I left Atlanta to go to school at Auburn University on an Air Force ROTC scholarship and have been a nomad ever since.  After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering from Auburn, my first assignment in the Air Force was pilot training.  I spent many of the next 21 years flying airplanes (C-141, T-38, T-3).  In the middle of all that I finished my MBA and the Air Force eventually sent me to the University of Oxford to get a Ph.D. in technology management so I could teach at the Air Force Academy.  I retired from the Air Force in 2007, and after teaching strategy, innovation, and leadership at the University of Tampa for 8 years, I became the Dean of the Dunham College of Business at Houston Baptist University in 2015.  Three years later I returned to the location of my first operational Air Force assignment, Charleston, SC, and became Dean of the Baker School of Business at The Citadel.

I’ve been intrigued by photography since high school and this blog melds my interests in photography, technology, and business.

Prints and commercial licensing rights can be purchased at my main portfolio site: ChasingLightPhotography.com

You can reach me by e-mail at: mike@chasinglightphotography.com

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  1. José

    I like your site, very interesting and technical. I am a pilot too, made in the Air Force and I also taught at the Academy many years ago. All this in Mexico. I’ll keep in touch and following.


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